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“Randie didn't know me until I turned up at her office sobbing uncontrollably. My beloved partner of 5 months was dying of brain cancer. My grief journey was full of cliffs, potholes and landslides, and Randie was there for each of them and much more. Always there, always wise. I feel so much more 'normal' now, and it is all thanks to Randie. She rocks.” J.J.


“Randie Clark is an excellent and gifted counsellor with a warm heart and courageous soul.

I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking help for a crisis, a broken heart, or just wanting to improve their mental health.”

Dr. John Schwaback PhD


“Randie is an expert in the field of trauma, grief and loss. She is the most skilled counsellor

I have ever met and she is very in tune with the needs and experiences of her clients. Anyone who works with her is privileged and in good hands.” A.C.


“Randie is warm, engaging and generous with her caring. She brings her skills as a counsellor combined with her lived experience and wisdom, to help people heal and transform their lives, particularly during times of grief, trauma and loss. She cares to make a difference.” Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC


“Randie Clark is a deeply caring and compassionate woman who also has a profound knowledge

of human nature. She has an ability to step into the shoes of her clients and honor the deep learning we all must face in times of crisis. I give her the highest of recommendations.” D.R.


“Randie is an outstanding counsellor and Emergency Mental Health Provider. Her caring for others transcends everything she does and she is very client centered. She is highly skilled and professional at all times. Randie is respectful and helpful whether she is working with clients or with front line emergency staff. Randie holds herself to impeccable integrity and I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking counselling in our community.”

Elsja Hannah MA, RCC


“Randie is a terrific counselor. She helps people sort their stuff out!!! I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for her. Whenever, I need to go...I go.

Without hesitation, Randie is a crackerjack counselor.” K.V.


“Randie is a professional and caring individual. I found her information to be helpful and wide reaching. Her advice was wise and thoughtful.” K.M.



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